TAGS Annual Meeting & Parties

The 2018 TAGS Annual Meeting and (Adult) Party was held at the Spokane Club tennis facilities on December 1. Forty-three members and guests enjoyed a tennis clinic, gourmet pizza and salad from South Perry Pizza, and more tennis. Outgoing President Dan Gregovich presented door prizes and thanked everyone for their participation for the year. T-shirts were awarded to those completing all their matches, and first and second prizes were awarded to singles and doubles league winners.
The annual meeting part of the evening was brief, but three inportant decisions were made: !) new bylaws were adopted; 2) the existing board members were re-elected to another one-year term; and 3) Judy Noel was elected Board President for 2019.
Members who did not receive their t-shirts or other prizes should contact TAGS Board Member Josh Cantu at Email or call 713.962.8083
The date for the YOUTH party has not yet been set, but it will scheduled for January or February. The board intends that it serve three purposes - 1) recognition of participation and winners of the 2018 youth leagues; 2) a chance to play some indoor tennis before the high school spring seasons start; and 3) promotion of the upcoming 2019 youth leagues.

Final Summer Results Posted!

Thanks everyone for your participation and sportsmanship. T-shirts for spring and summer match finishers, and TAGS prizes for first and second place winners are being distributed at the annual parties. Watch your email and this web-site for further details.

Who We Are

We are the Tennis Association of Greater Spokane, or TAGS. We organize and play tennis at a variey of levels and age groupings in the Spokane area. Spring season normally runs from late April to early July, summer season from July through early October. In 2018, we ran a new summer youth season from June through early October.

How We Play

Players arrange the dates, times, and locations of their own matches. Matches are played best two out of three sets, regular ad scoring, with a 10-point tie breaker in lieu of a full third set, if necessary. Players can agree beforehand to a full third set, or other score-keeping, if necessary for time, weather, or other reasons.
The winning player or team reports their scores, and the TAGS League Coordinator keeps track of the official results and standings - Summer and Spring Players who complete all their matches in each season receive a custom TAGS T-shirt.
For the Rules, click Here.

Where We Play

We play at whatever courts are available and mutually agreeable to the players - Courts. In 2018, we played over 270 matches on 18 different courts, with Mission Park, Comstock Park, and Hart Field being the most popular locations.

When We Play - Current Year

  • Spring - April 13 - July 8, 2018
  • New Youth Summer Leagues - June 7 - September 8, 2018
  • Summer - July 13 - October 7, 2018
  • Tournaments - click Here
  • Annual Party - December 1, 2018
  • Youth Annual Party - Date and Place TBD

Join Us! - Spring registration forms will be available in March 2019.


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